Sociology – Cultural Differences

Posted in Sociology on the 10.05.2012

In the old days before computer, telephone, television was invented and before various groups in different continents and countries on earth had any opportunity to have particularly active contact between each other, living people and people from different countries and continents more or less independent and separated from each other! But thanks to television programs … Read more

Sociology – Deviation

Posted in Sociology on the 05.02.2012

Statistical deviation: When we talk about the statistical deviation we mean something a little unusual and something that is not within the norm. As an example. people who have red hair and freckles is something we can use when we talk about statistical anomalies. The average height for women is between 1.65 to 1.70, if … Read more

Sociology – Global Poverty

Posted in Sociology on the 04.02.2012

1. Discuss the causes of global poverty and measures to minimize the differences between poor and rich countries. Global poverty is a poverty that affect the whole world. It is found everywhere. It crosses national boundaries and in recent years it has increased. It could have meant that the world was generally poor, that all … Read more

Sociology – Poverty

Posted in Sociology on the 04.02.2012

1.2 billion people have less than a dollar to live for a day. Every day 40,000 children die in developing countries of hunger and diseases that you and I are vaccinated against before we complete one year. 100 million children lacking primary education. The rich part of the population of 20% control 80% of the … Read more

Personality Four temperamamenter: the melancholic type (pessimistic and sad), the phlegmatic type (dispassionately), the choleric type (hot-tempered and irritable), and the sanguine type (cheerful and optimistic). Carl Gustav distinguish between the introverted (introvert) and extroverted (outgoing) type. People vary in the way we meet unfamiliar things. Danish professor of social psychology distinguishes between two different … Read more

Sociology – The Community And I

Posted in Sociology on the 01.02.2012

Expectations: We humans are social, ie we seek contact with other people. We also have expectations of others. We expect that others will behave in certain ways. Mutual expectations are sending messages that contain expectations about what the other should do to each other. What we should do to fulfill each other’s expectations vary from … Read more