1. Direct Quote If you use an illustration or a quote, please specify exactly where in the source document exists (ie, page numbers, in addition to author and year) Sample quote: You write in your own text: “To analyze means to solve the greater whole of a text” says Vinje Eiliv (1993, p 29). In … Read more

Social Studies – Crime

Posted in Social Studies on the 17.02.2012

What is the crime? Crime is about the acts that are punishable under the criminal law or other established social norms. Some definitions of crime, it is not only necessary that an act is affected by a penalty clause, but that it also is formally sanctioned, so that it can be called crime. Most people … Read more

Africa today is in many ways outside of the social and economic development that has occurred on several continents, in an extreme speed, the last 150 years. Why is this so? What is it that hinders Africa in achieving this development? Africa is a generic term for all the countries on the African continent. We … Read more

Social Studies – Globalization

Posted in Social Studies on the 08.02.2012

Culture is everything that is created by people, all that is learned and are not innate. The skills and values we acquire as members of a society. Culture is not a constant but is changing in line with the environment. The Norwegian culture today is different than it was 50 years ago. At that time … Read more

Norway got quite cheaply from the war in relation to Germany, USA and UK. Many feared the economic crisis and unemployment, they thought it would be difficult to find jobs for all the soldiers who had fought in the war. But working there was enough of! The country would be rebuilt, and they needed people … Read more

Free elections are the most important characteristic of a democratic society there. Political choices: Does each of us to vote for individuals and parties that we agree with. That way, everyone has the right to vote to help determine what kind of policies that will make a breakthrough in the coming years. The parties representing … Read more

Democracy characteristics: Politics is not just about different ways to control society, but it is linked to living in community with others and is also about how we relate to other people. Democracy: democracy. The political power lies with the people and everyone should have equal opportunity to participate in politics. National Sovereignty: The residents … Read more

Social Studies – Democracy

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1. Democracy and Dictatorship: When the people decide how they should be kept in the country. Through free elections, it is democracy in the country. Democracy is when people decide who should lead the country. And the people are involved in selecting these organizations (parliament, government, municipal, etc.). Democracy, for example, expect that managers (ie … Read more

Social Studies – The Elected

Posted in Social Studies on the 04.02.2012

A seat in Parliament: Anna Ljunggren 21 years younger representative elections in 2005 into Parliament. She works for a good and free school. Parliament: The National Assembly: Parliament is the parliament with 169 deputies. Each county has a certain number of representatives, it is the distribution of votes in each county that determines which parties … Read more

Social Studies – Welfare State

Posted in Social Studies on the 03.02.2012

The United Nations has created a government 1) Material wealth measured by gross domestic product (GDP). 2) Health Condition in terms of life expectancy. 3) Education – the number who can read and write and the number who go to school. We live in the best country? – 20 000 children live in poor homes. … Read more