Science – Reactions and Batteries

Posted in Science on the 16.05.2012

Definition of a chemical reaction In a chemical reaction takes place a change in which the formation of new substances with properties other than the drugs we started with. The change is because the atoms bind together in new ways. Be able to balance a reaction equation In a balanced reaction equation is the number … Read more

Radiation is energy emitted from a radiation source in the form of waves or particles. Considered in Hz = 1 / s (s = second). Example: a cork on top of a wave 15/10s = 1.5 / 1s = 1.5 1 / s = 1.5 s-1 = 1.5 Hz. Wavelength: The wavelength is the distance … Read more

Science – Radioactivity

Posted in Science on the 04.02.2012

- The cause of the radioactive radiation are changes in the atomic nuclei of the radioactive substance. There are quite a few atoms that are unstable, we say that they are radioactive – In Isotopes of an element varies the number of neutrons. C has three isotopes. C12-C14 – Carbon-14 is unstable nucleus and emits … Read more

Science – Nutrition and Health

Posted in Science on the 04.02.2012

• What we need nutrients and the nutrients found: As the nutrients we expect à carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, salts of minerals. We need nutrients because they give us energy. It is used as building material. It is also used as excipients, which are required for important processes in the body to occur. Water and … Read more

Science – Ecology and Nature Science

Posted in Science on the 04.02.2012

Science and science Examples of knowledge we have gained through experiences: The milk keeps longer when we put it in the refrigerator. We can become infected when someone has a cold, coughs or sneezes on us. A bottle of soda that stands out in many cold weather can freeze to pieces. Surveys Research is the … Read more

Science – Genetics

Posted in Science on the 04.02.2012

The term Genetic engineering can be explained as a technique that can be used to identify and modify genes in plants, animals and micro-organisms to produce products such as industrial or medical purposes. By that I mean to use genetic engineering to such spraying plants to improve color or use genetic engineering to create new … Read more

What is Doppler effect? Example Doppler effect is when the frequency of a light wave or sound depends on the speed between the observer and source. An example of this can be an ice cream truck. When the ice cream truck approaching, meet our ear in several variations in the wave peaks per second than … Read more