1. Direct Quote If you use an illustration or a quote, please specify exactly where in the source document exists (ie, page numbers, in addition to author and year) Sample quote: You write in your own text: “To analyze means to solve the greater whole of a text” says Vinje Eiliv (1993, p 29). In … Read more

Introduction: The death penalty has probably existed since the dawn of time, and been used by all societies. The death penalty is that the law in my back is killing a human being to punish the person due. a crime. Not only murder is punished with death, including rape and aggravated assault. Linked to religion … Read more

Religion – Hinduism

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The seven dimensions within Hinduism: Doctrine of the Faith Hindus believe that humans are born again, time after death, but as a new organism. People living with an immortal soul on earth. What we do in life is the result we get when we are born again in the next life, this is called karma. … Read more

Diversity: A large number of different texts and different theologies. Worship different gods (although Hindus believe there are manifestations of one and the same divine reality). Why so much difference? Several reasons-No founder and lacks a general church organization. Plus, Hinduism is inclusive and tolerant, has raised himself and adapted to religious, philosophical, ethical and … Read more

Dharma: the maintenance of world order. Hindus are not obligated to do so. Moksha: Salvation is final and is the Hindu’s highest goal. Varnashramadharma and moksha: Rebirth and karma: The idea of rebirth means that death does not exist as a state. Death leads immediately or after a short interval for a new birth. What … Read more

Religion – Hindu Sacred Texts

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Large number of sacred texts Produced for more than three to four thousand years The text to audio and the written word in the form of a book that has been sacred (oral tradition). Divided into two parts: Shruti (hearing), revealed and smriti (to remember), man-made. Shruti, Vedic revelation Veda Common revealed text called Veda … Read more

Hindu concept of God The major theistic traditions are shiva ism, ism and Vishnu shaktismen. God with and without qualities. The formless Brahman, transcendent. In form, it is a personal God with attributes. God is both male and female. God is portrayed often as a couple, Shiva and Shakti, Krishna and Radha, Rama and Sita, … Read more

Religion – Hindu Rituals

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Worship God in many ways: singing, meditation, recitation of God’s name, pilgrimage etc. Religion in the home: Puja at the altar = Children learn this through education. Priest training also takes place in the home. An invitation or invocation of the deity to be present. Mantras read. The worship of the cow: All living beings … Read more

Religion – Hinduism History

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The absence of a centralized power hierarchy and a founder has allowed Hinduism to change greatly over time. Nevertheless, there is continuity in Hindu history, primarily through the ideas of Veda and the eternal world order. The brahminske core tradition The idea of Veda and the eternal world order has been important in some parts … Read more

The sacred The sacred is something supernatural is seen as something much larger than humans. Originally it was a word for a limited area that was used for worship, but today it is used for something that is perceived as special and supernatural. Seven dimensions of religion When to investigate a religion in depth look … Read more