Organization: If participants have common tasks and goals that ties them together, and whether there are procedures or guidelines, it will say it’s an organization. An organization is a social system that is deliberately construct to solve particular tasks and achieve specific goals. One can also say that an organization is thus established relationships between … Read more

- Let’s look at the organization composed of various interest groups and coalitions rather than as a unitary actor. With clear goals and conflict rationality. – Interest Group = social group with common interests – Coalition = Displays a coalition of various interest groups. As a common interest in the limited area. We can therefore … Read more

Organizational Culture A cultural perspective brings us up close how organizations really work, not least because we look at how people can develop common patterns of opinions and attitudes that result in certain ways of acting. Since the 1980s, organizational researchers by several studies documented that culture can be as important as the structure of … Read more

Organizational structure is an organizational architecture, and designed so that people will live and work both within and outside of it. Organization chart An organization chart showing the organizational hierarchy, that is, who is the leader for whom. At the same time one can see the various staff functions in the organization, such as a … Read more