1. Direct Quote If you use an illustration or a quote, please specify exactly where in the source document exists (ie, page numbers, in addition to author and year) Sample quote: You write in your own text: “To analyze means to solve the greater whole of a text” says Vinje Eiliv (1993, p 29). In … Read more

Here are some key words on what to include in a literary interpretation. In the examination tasks states: “Interpret the text / story,” that means you need to explain how to understand the text. But your interpretation must be based on an analysis. You must first nærlese text and show the means the author has … Read more

Checklist for chat Do I have a clear theme for the lectures, and a “red thread” through the text? I have used personal experience? Have I pulled into something that is relevant in the past? Have I made an entertaining text, thus easily written a text with many oral move? I have used humor and … Read more

NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE POLICY * The language of Norway is Norwegian (language variants of BM and NN) * Is there a typical Norwegian to be concerned about language? * Language has 18 and the 1900s been a central political issue * The State operates an active language policy to support the Norwegian language * Purchasing Arrangements … Read more

How to build up the article? Introduction: Present what you want to write about. It is important to capture the interest of the reader that he / she will read further in the text. The statement may raise a problem. You may want to write the introduction in the end, because we know what the … Read more

“In media res” – introduction Starts in the action. Such introductions are widely used and often arouses interest. Foreshadowing Hints about something that will happen later. Choice of perspective Crucial to how the story will be designed. A personal point of view is when the narrator even take part in the action. Autoral point of … Read more

Norwegian – Knud Knudsen

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In the 1830s, began seriously to discuss the language situation in Norway. The union with Denmark was history, and the Norwegian National Romanticism had become a new focal point. The old Norwegian written language had gone under the union, and we had the Danish written language. There was a disparity between written language and spoken … Read more

Theme: Role of females, criticizes naive women. Women who just tags along, women’s oppression. For example men think that woman is an object. You are not important in the society want them to stand equal as others. Helmer suppresses Nora by calling her for an inexperienced creature, he never calls her for a wife or … Read more

Norwegian – Knud Knudsen

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Biography: Knud Knudsen was born in 1812 in Holt at Tvedestrand, the son of a farmer. His father was his teacher. Son of interest is probably more for his father’s teaching activities than for the smallholding, and all 12 years old, he was to teach children to read art. He also read a lot on … Read more

Norwegian – Ivar Aasen

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In the first half of the 1800s began Norwegians to get ideas for a Norwegian written language. In the 1830s, the period referred to language programs’, the idea and ideology of the time. Then came the documentation time in the 1840s, where it was collected samples of the Norwegian language. Then came the 1850′s called … Read more