To segment the markets means in practice that offer various goods and services to various segments of the market, that communicates with the different markets in different ways, both with respect to the choice of media, the message content and form, and that differentiates the distribution. The principle of segmentation – we are looking to … Read more

The company purchases, we believe acquisitions in connection with business operations in the broadest sense. It is partly about the products included in the production process (raw materials, machinery, etc.) or using materials of various kinds, partly so-called institutional products that are not processed, but is necessary for the company – in addition to all … Read more

What is consumer behavior? There is only one source of revenue for a business, and it’s customers. The more one knows about their behavior with respect to the purchase and use of goods and services, the better one is able to satisfy the needs of customers. The winners in a market will always be those … Read more

Strategy means “warlord art.” “A strategy is a pattern or plan that is integrated into an organization’s overall goals, policies and events as a whole. A well-formulated strategy helps to guide and position a company’s resources in a unique position, based on the company’s internal expertise, anticipated changes in the environment and competitors’ moves. ” … Read more

Legal framework that is of particular importance to marketing In the purchasing legislation, it is important to note that a number of provisions are mandatory (mandatory) in favor of the consumer buying when you shop with a professional salesperson. This means that you are unable to agree on terms less favorable for the buyer than … Read more

Roughly simplified, one can say that a marketing manager’s main task is the following: Identify and analyze the conditions they work under. Make the best possible decisions about the impacts and adaptation to the given working conditions. When to take a position on a market project, for example. a new product to be included in … Read more

Consists of five phases: Phase 1 involves obtaining information on needs, thoughts, behaviors, preferences, etc.. in the market. This information is used as the basis for the development of the product that it in turn want to offer. Phase 2 consists in telling the market about the offer – what it is all about, how … Read more

Marketing Division The consumer market includes all goods and services are designed to meet all personal needs and wishes. Business market consists of goods and services destined for production, further processing or resale or to keep the organization going. Buy motif is cut to commercial. The consumer market One can divide the products into short-term, … Read more

What is marketing? The development can be described in five steps: Production Orientation Product Information Sales Orientation Marketing Orientation Community Orientation Originally claimed thought that this could be regarded as a natural stage of development that were consistent with the economic changes in society. Production orientation is characterized by unilateral management emphasis on efficient production … Read more

Marketing is much more than advertising. Mouse Trap Theory: They think that if you make a good product are guaranteed success. In addition to the more functional we often psychological gratification. (Eg Car can also act as a status symbol) A need is an expression of something we feel is missing and necessary for our … Read more