1. Direct Quote If you use an illustration or a quote, please specify exactly where in the source document exists (ie, page numbers, in addition to author and year) Sample quote: You write in your own text: “To analyze means to solve the greater whole of a text” says Vinje Eiliv (1993, p 29). In … Read more

Jurisprudence – Methodology

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In law, we talk about compensation: The contractual relationship Non-contractual We like to say that compensation policies based on three hovedsyn: Contraception – prevent unwanted behavior. Repair – the one that caused the damage must be repaired. Pulverization – we must expect the damage. Compensation Court of sources found in: Statutory rights Non-statutory law Conditions: … Read more

Jurisprudence – Legal Liability

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Tort (liability) – must have guilt – not law – case law Strict liability – some have responsibility without having committed a negligent act – legal The subjective responsibility (liability – culpa) Perpetrator must have guilt + have acted willfully or negligently Blame Grad liable? Continue Yes Gross negligence Yes negligence Yes No accidental Non-statutory … Read more

Indemnity Act of June 13, 1969 (SKL.) Product Liability Act of 23 December 1988 Automobile Liability Act of 3 February 1961 + Case law Claims Court deals with tort. The purpose of the replacement rules: Contraception Repair Pulverization The loss will be spread over several, through forsikning The company, lawyers, architects, Compensation Information: In Norway, … Read more

A power of attorney gives a person the authority to enter into an agreement on behalf of another. Authorisation: I give this real estate Rihana Ali authorized to sell my house at Gol Mountains to the highest bidder. Nina Olsen Nina: principal Rihana: Representative Those who complete the mighty into a contract with a third … Read more

What is a purchase? It has two parties to do-a buyer a seller The purchaser takes over an asset (which can be valued in money) The buyer becomes the owner of such property (as opposed to renting, loan) For there to be a purchase, you pay with cash. If that’s not a purchase, it may … Read more

Buy The court is mandatory: you can enter into an agreement that they want Exceptions to this rule: Consumer It can not be agreed upon terms that are less favorable for the buyer than the provisions of the Consumer Act, § 3, subsection = mandatory. Current law is a special law on consumers There are … Read more

The basis of Norwegian law is that agreements should be kept between the parties after their dispositive statements. Dispositive statements may nonetheless be invalid as a result of excessive content, in violation of chastity by NL 5-1-2, questionable assumptions or due to the circumstances of conclusion of the agreement which indicates that it does not … Read more

Exceptions to the general rule: The Act of 2000 21.desesember By selling off business premises (door sales, home parties, etc.) The remote sales (phone, internet, mail order) Applies to businesses, consumers need to be party Exception in § 2 Among other things. Machines (vending machines) the purchase price must be above NOK 300. – Withdraw … Read more

Jurisprudence – Criminal Law

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What is the punishment? Definition: An evil caused to the offender with the intention that it should feel like an evil, a burden or stress. One distinguishes punishment from other reactions, such as damages. Penalties reflect cultural values and social conditions. Previously: Revenge motive was central. Nowadays, this is not the subject of punishment. Now: … Read more