1. Direct Quote If you use an illustration or a quote, please specify exactly where in the source document exists (ie, page numbers, in addition to author and year) Sample quote: You write in your own text: “To analyze means to solve the greater whole of a text” says Vinje Eiliv (1993, p 29). In … Read more

Ideology Who / when? What characterizes the ideology of social class that supports the Conservatism Edmund Burke (ideology father) 1789 – After the French RevolutionThe reaction against the violence during the French Revolution. Changes in society have to be gradual after the leaders had thought carefully about.Negative to revolutionNegative violence Negative to chaos Improve the … Read more

History – Ideologies

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What is an ideology? Mention the name of the ideologies you can. An ideology, formed after the political theories of how a society should be governed. Ideologies try and form a response to questions about how a society should be and what kind of political resources that will be used to form a society of … Read more

History – Norway in the 1800s

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How was power divided by the Constitution of 1814? The constitution stated that power should lie in a monarchy where it was divided between an executive, a legislative and a judicial power, that the king Parliament and the courts. Why is the year 1884 an important year in Norwegian history? A new political system was … Read more

Middle East is a central location with three world religions. The Romans destroyed the Jewish temple and drove them. Jerusalem and Palestine came under Muslim leadership from 600′s. They left a mosque in Jerusalem, and turned the city into Islam’s third holiest place. The Crusades 1100-1200 the conquered Jerusalem, but it was the Western Europeans … Read more

History – Environment and Development

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First United Nations environmental conference held in Stockholm in 1972. It stated that a clean environment is a human right. Ten years later, put the General Assembly of the United Nations into a World Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland and was named the Commission. The reason for the Commission was … Read more

History – World War I

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Which countries participated in the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente? Trippelaliansen: Austria – Hungary, Germany and Italy. Trippeletenten: France Russia and GB. What was the goal of peace conferences at The Hague in 1899 and 1907? The goal was that any conflicts that arise between states should be resolved in a peaceful way through that … Read more

History – Versailles Treaty

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President Wilson was the victor, which launched 14 points as a basis for peace. They were characterized by idealism and the desire to bring about a freer world trade, which was in the U.S. interrese. 2 important points: the colonial powers would take greater account of people they ruled, and different nations within multinational states … Read more

Explain what the Berlin blockade was. How did the Western powers on this? They introduced new currency in the western zones of Germany and the Soviet Union made the suspect in the entire country. Stalin shut all supply lines to West Berlin, and supplies could reach only flown by the Western powers. Berlinblokkaden came in … Read more

History – The Cold War

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Two superpowers, each with its ideology: USA – Belief in democratic liberalism. – Where the people elect who will decide. And all citizens have the right to vote. – The state mixes small, and people have every right to earn money, much money. – The money earned because all goods are sold on a free … Read more