What is financial analysis? The financial analytical sense of a systematic investigation of the accounting data to shed light on the economic conditions in the company. The purpose is to provide stakeholders information about the financial condition of the company. Management uses the analysis as a light in financial management, the staff wants to see … Read more

The Financial Statements Praise Accounting impose the statutory obligation to prepare annual financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) and accounts (do not go into detail on this). The financial statements, annual report and audit report are public, and everyone has the right to familiarize themselves with the content. One is obliged to … Read more

The purpose of the product calculations View the costs and profits What price? What products? Budget Profitability (investments) Value stocks Pricing Strategies Market-based: What is the value the product for the customer? Cost Based: What price should we take? The division of costs Fixed Variable Direct Indirect Value Added Tax? Keep out except when we … Read more