Immanuel Kant was born in the city K├┤ningsberg in Prussia, the capital at that time. He came from a Christian home and has had an important background for his Christian beliefs. Immanuel was employed at a university in K├┤ningsberg as professor of philosophy. He was a typical professor who only lived for his theories and … Read more

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher and economist who is considered one of the most important thinkers in the liberal tradition. He was the son of another liberal, James Mill, and he devoted his entire adult life to develop the political aspects of liberal thought. Mill was a politician and placed in the lower … Read more

Explain Descartes’ statement, “Cogito ergo sum.” Descartes sought a method to determine whether a belief is true or not, and he believed that it was therefore best to begin by doubting everything, and walk slowly to find out what it is impossible to doubt. He believed one should doubt all senses, for example. whether one … Read more

Darwin Charles Darwin was a British naturalist who was born in 1809. He played a major role in the development of evolutionary theory. Although many researchers had been working on theories that were similar to the theory of evolution before Darwin, it is Darwin who is credited for the theory which also later was named … Read more

- A method where you start to present a hypothesis, based by guess, calculations, etc., and simply test these hypotheses against observations from Experiments and the like. Finally, one is comfortable to either refute the hypothesis, or simply string it. One can not confirm, but only strengthen. By repeating the process several times, hatches excluding … Read more

Relativism: Types of relativism: – 1) Conventionalism – 2) Subjectivism – 3) Conceptrelativism   1) Conventionalism: – Conventions (etiquette) in a culture or a society that determines the moral principles – Reformers dilemma: Wrong, according to conventialism to go against their own society. That is immoral to do something that is not in line with … Read more