Chemistry – Reactions

Posted in Chemistry on the 05.02.2012

From alkanes to other drug groups. Organic chemistry, consists of carbon atoms, missing 4 to get the full shell, each carbon atom thus has four bonds around it. It binds with H, O and N, forming chains and rings. Sugar, fat, hormones and DNA are examples of organic substances. CO, CO2 and H2CO3 are the … Read more

Chemistry – Nutrients

Posted in Chemistry on the 05.02.2012

Titration: solution with an unknown concentration of another substance. Qualitative: of a substance or purchase connection is present at the specific amount Quantitative: Determines the amount of GST in a certain amount of sample. Food with nutrients and additives. Neutrient funds: carrots, bread, etc. Nutrient: fat, protein, carbohydrates, oxygen gas, water, vitamins, mineral substances. A … Read more